Made in the Shade

Posted: May 2nd, 2017. 0 Comments.

I'm what you might call a shade aficianado. Now that temperatures are rising in Texas and summer is approaching, I am practicing my skill at selecting good shade spots every day.

(Rule of thumb: You can tell someone is insane, if they are sitting or standing in the direct sun.)

I have played some shady venues in my day. Some very shady, mainly because they were indoors. The outdoor venues are less shady, naturally.

Here's a song I wrote with Jamie Lin Wilson and Jason Eady. Jamie sang this with me at a shady recording studio.

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Wild Seeds - Acoustic Demo

Posted: April 2nd, 2017. 0 Comments.

A preview demo of a new song written with Walt Wilkins- posted in honor of his inaugural Waltstock festival coming up on the April 7 & 8 in Fredericksburg, Texas.

We wrote this one under a 400 year old oak tree at Bull Creek Park in Austin.

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Walt Wilkins' new albums, Watch It Shine and Streetlight

Posted: October 24th, 2016. 0 Comments.

My friend Walt Wilkins released two albums this month. One is a solo album called 'Streetlight' and the other is a collaboration with bandmates The Mystiqueros called 'Watch It Shine.' 


Streetlight is personal, intense, and intimate, and Watch It Shine is both joyful and meditative.

I had a great time writing a few of the songs with Walt over the last year or so. I'm proud to say Walt & I came up with 'Ask Her to Dance,' 'Crows,' 'The Painter By the Lake' and 'Watch It Shine' at our songwriting meetups under a 300 year-old oak tree at Bull Creek Park in Austin.

Here's a video that puts a recording of one of our songs together with stunning images shot by Texas photographer Dave Hensley.

 Walt is a solid human, a hardworking family man, and an artist who has studied song and storytelling for decades.

He's a Texas treasure, and I believe he's recorded a couple of masterpieces, reflecting his solo work and his band collaboration. But then, you know I'm biased, so judge for yourself.

Get Watch It Shine and Streetlight from

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