The Wanna Wanna Bar

A seagull cry, a child laugh, an old man orders a drink
It's been ten years since he got here and it hurts to think
That years ago at this beachside bar a woman held his hand
He lost his chance for true romance on South Padre Island

The woman's name was Mary Ann and Gary loved her so
He said be my wife for the rest of your life and she said no
Old Gary was from Indiana all his life a traveling man
He had a dog and a boat and he would float and fish around the island

He's stuck at Wanna Wanna the beachfront bar sipping on a Coke and rum
The tide rolls in his dreams die out waiting on a love that won't come
True love never will come

Years ago in California Gary loved a girl named Sue
She and three more wives told him lies when they said I do
And this last one took the money and the things Gary cared about
She took the dog and the boat, now he can't float