You Want to Wear That Ring

A friend asked me before his wedding day
Tell me the truth I want to hear you say
Is marriage a blessing or is it a curse
I said, it's for better and for sometimes worse

You're gonna be happy and sometimes so sad
It feels good except when it feels bad
And you'll know that you don't know a thing
But day after day - you want to wear that ring
You want to wear that ring

It's hell when the two of you can't agree
It's heaven just being with your family
Growing hurts, but you grow and thrive
Through it all you feel so alive


He asked will I love her more or will I love her less
And with all my heart I answered yes
You'll take a ring and a ring you'll give
Before you die you will surely live


Why the all the questions
Man you already know


(Owen Temple & Wade Bowen)
© 2006 Owen Temple Music (BMI) / Stolen Taylor Music (ASCAP)