Garbage Pail Kids

Ran into this display at Texas Toy Museum. I was unable to explain the appeal of these to my 3rd grader, but when I was a elementary school, this collection of cartoons (sold in packages of 5 cards along with a stick of petrified gum) represented incredible wealth. Most exciting of all- they were eventually banned from Starkey Elementary in Kerrville. Once they were contraband, their value skyrocketed, and a black market of trading them emerged.

I’m returning to the scene of the crimes: I’m headed to Kerrville on Friday morning for a conversation and live broadcast with my friend Justin McClure on The Buck 99.1FM.

I bet we’ll be talking about our upcoming set at Kerrville Folk Festival on Saturday, June 8 and other shows coming up in June, including 5/25 at the Globe Theater in Bertram TX, 6/9 at Devil’s Backbone Tavern in Fischer TX, 6/21 at The Blue Door in OKC, and 6/23 at The Gar Hole in Westminster/Anna TX.

Now I’m gonna to go look for my Mad Magazine collection.