Garbage Pail Kids

Ran into this display at Texas Toy Museum. I was unable to explain the appeal of these to my 3rd grader, but when I was a elementary school, this collection of cartoons (sold in packages of 5 cards along with a stick of petrified gum) represented incredible wealth. Most exciting of all- they were eventually […]

Films Log

Whenever I have remembered to log it, I took note of the movies I’ve seen since 2015, in the order I’ve seen them. All the Films I’ve Seen Title IMDb Rating Year Directors Link The King of Comedy 7.8 1982 Martin Scorsese IMDb Atlantic City 7.3 1981 Louis Malle IMDb Rumble Fish 7.1 1983 Francis […]

A Short Film on the Prehistoric Art in the Cave of Lascaux

My buddy Joshua Dodds – a songwriter, scholar of prehistory, and now filmmaker – has written and directed a short film about the Cave of Lascaux and the magnificent cave paintings discovered there. He has walked the caves himself, guiding trips for others. Now with this film- that unfolds like a film noir detective story- […]

The Boots at North Star Mall

I drew a sketch and watercolor of the 35-foot tall boots installed beside North Star Mall in San Antonio. When I was a kid, these boots impressed me more than the Pyramids of Giza. They symbolized the heights of civilization– namely a 3 story mall that was a home for all my materialistic dreams.

Sideline Conversation

I drew a cartoon of what I learned from another parent last weekend (while watching my kid cover the goal in a lacrosse tournament)

Poor David’s Pub in Dallas, Texas

I was 18 when I heard Guy Clark play ‘Dublin Blues’ at Poor David’s Pub. At 19, I got to open for Steve Fromholtz and heard him play ‘Texas Trilogy’ and ‘I’d Have to be Crazy.’ I heard Rusty Weir tell stories and sing ‘Don’t It Make You Wanna Dance’ at Poor David’s Pub. I […]

The Philosophy Behind the Album

“We are a way for the cosmos to know itself” – Carl Sagan “I am the consequence of 3 miracles: the miracle of Life, the miracle of Mind, and the miracle of Culture.” – Gregg Henriques “I am large, I contain multitudes.” – Walt Whitman, Song of Myself  Photo by Robert Hensley I have learned […]

Food choices as knobs on vintage audio gear

Do you prefer to think about your daily nutrition choices as vintage audio gear? From my reading of Greger and Ornish, it looks like optimal health happens when you turn as many of these knobs to the right as you can. Go for more fiber, more greens, more whole foods (versus processed foods), more plant-based […]