Kerrville Folk Festival

My sketch/watercolor of an evening at the Kerrville Folk Festival. My band and I will be playing on Saturday, June 8.

Happy 52nd birthday to the festival, first launched on June 1, 1972 with Allen Damron, Willis Alan Ramsey, Jerry Jeff Walker, Michael Martin Murphey, Townes Van Zandt, Kenneth Threadgill, Carolyn Hester, Frummox (Steven Fromholz and Dan McCrimmen), Rusty Wier, Three Faces West (including Ray Wylie Hubbard), Bill and Bonnie Hearne, Mance Lipscomb, and Bill Neely on the stage performing and 1200 other folks (including Lyndon Johnson) in the audience.

The festival has been the beginning of so many friendships, marriages, songs, and dreams. Here’s to 52 more years.

Darrell Royal, Lady Bird Johnon, and Lyndon Johnson at first Kerrville Folk Festival, 1972. Photo credit: Joe Herring, Jr.