Owen Temple

Dollars and Dimes

  1. Memphis


She was seventeen left Arkansas moved here on her own
After mom’s boyfriend and a tornado tore up her home
She brought her small dog with her but she left behind her old clothes
She emptied out albums of pictures by the side of the road
She’d make some money then she would leave
But Memphis is not what it used to be

She got a job in Memphis cause she lied ’bout her age
She said she’d give it a try up on the stage
At the Platinum Plus Club she was a dancing
Dancing to the drugs and the music
If her body was a weapon, she had learned how to use it
So give her the money if you wanted to see
Memphis is not what it used to be

She made three thousand a week in that East Memphis club
‘Til the Feds shut it down for running drugs
Then the money got tight but she’s got a solution
She and some of the girls next summer moving down to Houston
I asked her what else in town should I see
She said Memphis is not what it used to be
It’s not what it used to be


© 2009 Owen Temple Music (BMI)