Quiet Look

Owen Temple

Dollars and Dimes

  1. Quiet Look

She was wearing a black dress as she spoke across the years
He nearly dropped his drink to hear her voice ringing in his ears
Love in the ruins, late for the show
She said, love will always live, if we don’t let it grow

I will pass you on the street and we will say trivial things
But I will never cease to search your eyes for that quiet look
And I will always be one who sighed for her quiet look

When you left our hometown, where did you go
He heard her answer and said sorry I didn’t know
We don’t have secrets but we’d have some if we’d meet
She said, love stays romantic if it stays incomplete

She said, back then I always felt so strange
It’s like a revelation to see that nothing has changed
What am I seeking – a lost piece of myself
I left with you like a key upon a shelf

Music ©2009 Owen Temple Music (BMI)
Lyrics ©2009 Owen Temple and ©1934 William Carlos Williams
Chorus adapted from the poem “The Revelation” © 1934 William Carlos Williams