Cornbread and Beans

Live at the Saxon Pub

  1. Cornbread and Beans


You eat too much candy
You just might get sick
I never had much cash in hand
I never learned that trick
Money doesn’t talk, boys
I tell you money screams
But I got more than enough
Cornbread and beans

My sister’s got a Hooters job
Beer and chicken wings
My brother’s got a four-wheel drive
Bigfoot kind of thing
My uncle’s got a mouth harp
And a Silvertone that rings
I’ve got a bent-up deck of cards
Cornbread and beans

I never got to wreck a hotel room
Always had to sleep in the van
With the windows open
I can’t afford to run the fan

Cocaine seemed like it might be fun
But it wasn’t in my means
I got Texaco coffee
Cornbread and beans

You won’t see my face
On a jumbo TV screen
I got a Waffle House cougar
And she likes the way I sing

You won’t find us in
People Magazine
We’ll be down in South Austin
Eatin cornbread and beans

There’s holes in the ozone
There’s holes in my jeans
The whole world’s gone to pot
I got cornbread and beans

© 2012 Owen Temple Music (BMI) & Gypsy Shuffler Music (BMI)