Reno – Lola and the Huntsmen

Lola and the Huntsmen

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  1. Reno – Lola and the Huntsmen

Recorded by Lola and the Huntsmen – Don’t Get Lonely (2017)
Music and Lyrics by Owen Temple and Lauren Hunt

It’s cruel and unusual the loving game
he gave me a ring, but we’re not the same
he said ‘let’s get married before we get old
get out of town, forget what we’re told
go to Reno’

El Camino from Kansas, a hundred dollar bill
he said ‘we’d figure it out but we never will’
he picked out a city that promises gold
forever’s a long time to have and to hold
in Reno

Cassette player’s broken with hours to steal
He sang Born to Run just tapping the wheel
he thinks we’re two lovestruck kids
our family said don’t, but anyway we did
drive to Reno

skyline ahead, mile marker twenty five
he said ‘we made it’ but I said ‘just drive’
at the cheapest hotel that money could buy
clerk saw my white dress and she winked an eye
in Reno

he opened the door and he set down the keys
but I picked them up and kept them with me
He said ‘the chapel opens at four’
I said ‘stay here, I’m gonna run to the store’
in Reno

I’m not checking the rear view, not looking behind
More than him, more than Reno’s what I had in mind
when stale water is all you’ve had to drink
champagne is all you can think
leaving Reno
leaving Reno