Big Man

Owen Temple

Stories They Tell

  1. Big Man


Dashing, young, and full of charm
Ambitious as the wind
Fear and greed helped him
Climb over all his friends
He worked angles like a sheepdog
Dividing up the herd
They voted him in office once
The law became his word
Became a big man

Big man, put on your power suit
Big man, find the shortest route
Big man, you got it down
Big man pictures all around
Big man

Grabbed cash where he could find it
Took over all the banks
Protecting people from themselves
With rockets, guns, and tanks
When it’s time to shake things up
When illusion’s wearing thin
Blood’s like water on dry land
Time to make it rain again
For the big man

Big man, play your strongest suit
Big man, twenty-one gun salute
Big man loves his job so much
Iron fist and a velvet touch
Of the big man
Big man

Middle-aged and paranoid
Man, he’d better be
He wrote the book on ruthlessness
Called it “destiny”
Rumors fly like sparrows
Whispers like a shout
The swimming pool is cracked
Now the water’s draining out
For the big man

Big man, try to stand your ground
Big man says he won’t come down
Big man loves his job so much
Iron fist and a velvet touch
Big man

Big man walking out alone
Big man never going home
Big man boots on the other foot
Gonna give back all you took
Big man
Oh the big man
Big man



(Owen Temple)
© 2013 Owen Temple Music (BMI)