Words of Persuasion – The Text Predictors of Persuasive TED Talks

February 18, 2018

What makes for a persuasive presentation? How can you speak to persuade? To create theodorespeaks.com, I webscraped every TED Talk, analyzed words in the transcripts & user’s ratings, and found that the most persuasive speakers used MORE negative emotion words and LESS ‘I, me, my’ words. So the next time you’re trying to convince, try […]

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What’s your favorite Austin restaurant? (What was it’s last health inspection score)

February 16, 2018

Last night, the organizers of a meetup at data.world issued a challenge: in 1 hour, pull together 1 visualization that tells a story from an open dataset. Our team created an interactive dashboard to explore 3 years of good and bad restaurant health inspection scores in Austin. Search by restaurant name, choose your zip code […]

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The greatest films of all time- a list compiled from multiple sources

August 29, 2017

This web app and open dataset I made for movie fans compiles several ‘greatest films’ lists to find the greatest of the great, and the analysis reveals seven films to be the best of the best. Here’s a Movie Recommender visualization and interface for the data hosted on Tableau Public: The Problem There’s nothing worse […]

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