Always Becoming – Acoustic Demo

June 1, 2017

Walt Wilkins and I sat down and wrote a song together on Tuesday, and here’s an acoustic demo of “Always Becoming”     Always becoming Rolling and running You’re to and from-ing and round back again Grinding and grooving Everything’s moving Always becoming not just what we’ve been Just at the threshold With the thinnest of toeholds Mining […]

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Made in the Shade

May 2, 2017

I’m what you might call a shade aficianado. Now that temperatures are rising in Texas and summer is approaching, I am practicing my skill at selecting good shade spots every day. (Rule of thumb: You can tell someone is insane, if they are sitting or standing in the direct sun.) I have played some shady […]

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It’s All Connected

February 18, 2017

The ToK System as described by Henriques (2003). It’s all connected isn’t it? It’s not just six degrees of separation from any actor to Kevin Bacon, it’s a low number of degrees of separation between anything and anything else in the world. Start with any observation or fact and you can get to any other […]

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