Songfarmer Book released as paperpack and Kindle editions

After many long conversations about songwriting over the years, Gordy Quist and I emptied our pockets of all the songwriting tricks we used and put together a book.

Mainly, we wrote down all the ways we got unstuck and dealt with the dreaded blank page. We also noted all the strategies we used – and the strategies that our heroes and friends used – to make progress and get better at songwriting.

A few years ago, we humbly and quietly released a paperback version called Songfarmer: Writing More and Better Songs, and we’ve heard good feedback on it from our fellow songwriters. 

So today we are still humbly but a little more loudly announcing that it is available in a Kindle edition.

If writing a song or getting better at songwriting is one of your goals, take a look and let us know if anything here helps you like it has helped us. 


Owen & Gordy

P.S. A preview of the first chapter of the book is available here.