It’s All Connected

The ToK System as described by Henriques (2003).

It’s all connected isn’t it? It’s not just six degrees of separation from any actor to Kevin Bacon, it’s a low number of degrees of separation between anything and anything else in the world.

Start with any observation or fact and you can get to any other observation or fact through nodes and trees and branches and leaves.

Above and below are some cool visualizations related to some fascinating explanations of interconnectedness.

Looking at these images will probably make you feel more connected to your fellow human (animals and plants too) than looking at your iPhone. (Unless you are looking at these images on your iPhone.)


The Tree of Life as described by


If you want more than pictures, the full text and rationale behind these images are at The Tree of Knowledge System, The Tree of Life, and The Computer Tree.

In the weeks and months ahead, more geeky explorations of science, art, and culture will happen on this site.

Until then, stay in touch. But then, you can’t help but be, right?

An Updated Computer Tree (to 1970) from the endpapers of the Computer Yearbook for 1969 (Computer yearbook and directory Detroit [Mich.]: International Electronics Information Services, 1969–1971)