Fork in the Road

My childhood dream of becoming a cartoon character came true today.

This short film was made by the creative folks at Collection Agency Films, and that’s me in there, singing a song to help get you through whatever wild hazards you’re dodging today. Though Halloween is behind us, there are still plenty of scary things out there, but I have faith that we will navigate our way through them.

I’d like to believe I’m as tough and resilient as the main character in this film, but I feel lucky to be in there, cheering her on with a song.

The new music video for “Fork In The Road” is a remix and reimagining of the fantastical, award-winning animated short by José Luis González, “The History of Magic: Ensueño”. The original short won a prestigious Austin Film Society grant and played film festivals all over the world in 2017.

Our path on the big green tree of the future is chosen step by step, moment by moment, in a series of nows.

This drawing by Tim Urban reminded me that though the past is unchangeable, there are many possible paths forward. The song in the animated film – “Fork in the Road” – that I wrote with Jamie Lin Wilson also reminds me that we are always making choices that result in different future scenarios.

Here’s a listing of some places I am choosing to be in the future, if the Lord’s willing and the creek don’t rise: