Fats Domino on the way to Corpus Christi

My attempt to draw/watercolor a scene from a day in March 1957 on the road between Victoria and Corpus Christi, when my grandfather Gene (who was 26 years old at the time) was driving to work and saw a man by the side of the road who looked like he needed help with a flat […]

Writing Songs with Walt Wilkins at Bull Creek Park

Austin’s Bull Creek Park has a concrete picnic table under the oaks that’s perfect for songwriting. Walt Wilkins and I have been meeting up here whenever we can, writing songs for you. We’ll be singing many of these songs in Dallas on the 29th to celebrate a happy 47th birthday to Poor David’s Pub.

Jimmie Rodgers and The Carter Family, Louisville KY, 1931

Drawing I did considering our musical ancestors- from a photo of Jimmie, Maybelle, A.P., and Sara together in Louisville in June 1931. If you’re a fan of country music and rock n roll, you’re a fan of Jimmie Rodgers and the Carter Family.


Bulverde. This drawing is what I think of whenever I pass through this little town north of San Antonio. Next Sunday the 10th, Kelley Mickwee and I will playing an acoustic show together in Bulverde, Texas. You are invited. Details are here.

Kerrville Folk Festival

I’m very happy to announce we’ll be a part of a great lineup for the always magical Kerrville Folk Festival this summer- our set will be on Saturday June 8. Get tickets for the festival here.

Professor Longhair at Tipitina’s

For Mardi Gras, I’ve been listening to a lot of the great New Orleans musicians Fat Domino, Dr. John, and Professor Longhair, so I did a sketch/watercolor of Professor Longhair from a performance film and interview he did in 1980 at Tipitina‘s, two days before he died. His piano style blended blues, rhumba, and calypso […]

McGonigel’s Mucky Duck on Saturday Feb 3

Just a handful of seats left for our show with the band at The Duck on Saturday. Though the sign on the place is beautiful, we’d rather have you indoors with us. Tickets are here.

McGonigel’s Mucky Duck

McGonigel’s Mucky Duck. My sketch/watercolor of the landmark venue for songwriters in Texas- opened by Rusty and Teresa Andrews in 1990. On their grand opening night, Jack Saunders, Shake Russell, and Dana Cooper performed. When the band and I play there on Saturday February 3 (show tickets), I’m happy to say Jack will be onstage […]

Guero’s Oak Garden

The Guero’s Oak Garden: My sketch/watercolor of the spot where – in 2 weeks – the band and I will be performing for a crowd of 200-year-old oaks (and younger people) as part of Sun Radio‘s Texas Radio Live broadcast. Can’t think of a better place to play old songs and the songs from Rings […]

The Shape of Maryland

Maryland has a lot of waterfront. You realize this if – like me – you decide to try to draw the outline of the state. Next weekend, I am playing two shows in Maryland at Delmarvalous Americana House Concerts and Macum Creek Concerts. You are welcome to join us. I drew two guitars on the […]