My friend Kelley Mickwee has released a brilliant recording of a song we wrote together called “Gold Standard.”

We wrote it thinking about how if two people spend enough time together, they might wake up one day to find that they’re “an item” – a couple. And if the match looks good enough to the folks around them then their love becomes a model, an ideal, an institution.

Usually, the path getting to that sweet spot is more bumpy and complicated than it appears, but when you find a love that’s holding up, you try to hold on to it and treat it like the treasure it is. I imagine Tammy Wynette and George Jones singing this to each other. They’re the gold standard.

The song is story about that photo on the wall of those two soulmates – the couple everybody envied and aspired to be. The couple that took the long way getting together, but once they found each other, they do their best to live up to the promises they made.