Renée Rose Adélaïde Gentillot and Achilles Nivison Plunkett Sr

Achilles Nivison Plunkett Sr. was born in 1769 in Torbeck, Saint-Domingue (now a part of Haiti). His father Francois Plunkett was born in Killumod, Ireland and immigrated to Saint-Domingue.

Saint-Domingue was a West Indian French colony from 1659 to 1804 on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola.

At age 21, Achilles married Renée Rose Adélaïde Gentillot in 1791.

Shortly after their marriage, they immigrated to the US, to Delaware, and then to Virginia.

Their son, Bitty’s great-grandfather Achilles Nivison Plunkett Jr., was born in 1810 in Williamsburg, Virginia.

When Renee died in 1811, at age 51, Achilles Sr. moved to Warrenton, North Carolina and taught French, music, and dancing at the Warrenton Female Academy. He married Caroline Mordecai, the daughter of the school’s headmaster Jacob Mordecai, in 1820.

Achilles Sr. and Caroline ran the boarding school from this home (photos posted) in Warrenton.

The school offered instruction in all the classical subjects that also occurred in the contemporary boys schools, in addition to the subjects in sewing, music and dance that occurred in most girls’ schools.

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