Rings on a Tree (click to preorder)

I’m happy to announce that the new album of 15 songs will be officially released on September 26. 

It was produced by Gordy Quist and recorded in Austin, Texas at The Finishing School.

“I am releasing my first batch of new songs in a long while. I’m happy to be sharing them all with the wider world. I believe in them, and I hope they make friends and help others to feel good. 

After the last few years, any song I am releasing these days will be motivated by the hope to increase well-being, dignity, and integrity in the world.

I know how many of you are taking care of each other and working towards making the world a better place. I appreciate what you are doing. Onward. 

We are all family. We are all related. Now is a time for music to bring us together, to celebrate our common seeking of the good, beautiful, and true. Music and songs to help us see the truth – that there is no “other,” no “them,” there is only a big “WE.”


Folks who pre-order Rings on a Tree direct via El Paisano Records will receive early, pre-release access to digital downloads of all the new songs in 3 waves:

-Part 1 (5 songs) will be delivered on April 25
-Part 2 (5 songs) will be delivered on June 27
-Part 3 (5 songs) will be delivered on September 26

Song List:

Part 1 – Big Bang

  • The Song of Us
  • Watch It Shine
  • Days
  • Beautiful Accidents
  • Always Becoming

Part 2 – Pantheon

  • Fork in the Road
  • Can’t Stop Won’t Stop
  • Virginia and Hazel
  • Churches and Cantinas
  • Are We There Yet?

Part 3 – Tree of Life

  • Wild Seeds
  • Rings on a Tree
  • More Like September
  • Gentle James
  • Twenty Years

Pre-order the new album here or by clicking the product images below.

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