Classifying the different types of songs

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I made an attempt to put together a list of different song types or differnt kinds of songs-

I know it's incomplete, but what's missing? Let me know in the comments!


- How I am, my attitude, my point of view

    - Metaphor: I am like a ____, you are like a _____, we are like ____ 

- I want... / my dreams

- We're gonna have a good time

- The blues

- Love 

    - I want to find love

    - Passion - Falling in love, admiration, attraction

    - Mellow- Devotion and family

    - Heartbreak

        - early: surprised and sad

        - later:

            - wish I could fall out of love, longing, wish you would change

            - I’m over you, self confident, self righteous, angry 

- Origins / autobiography

- Hallucinogenic / dreamscape

- Advice / wisdom

- Inspirational, endurance

- Supernatural forces are at work

- Religion - faith & devotion

- End of the world

- Focus on setting

    - Report from a journey

    - I like this place

    - I like this thing

    - I hate this place, I'm leaving

- Change - things are changing / I am changing / focus on time 

- Existential / transcendental / nature / wide or close perspective

- Character portrait - told in 3rd or 2nd person

- Story - told in 3rd person

    - Murder/crime

    - Journey

    - countless other characters changing and doing actions in settings

- Poetry - linked images, symbols, metaphors with no concrete narrative

- Nonsense

- Children’s songs

- Comedy songs

    - Satiric

    - Silly

- Protest / political / message

- Instrumental, focus on melody 

- rhythmic groove driven, dance, jazz, western swing

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What do you find in Kerrville out in the hills? Great folk music

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Growing up in Kerrville, my elementary school mascot was the scorpions.

Scorpions, cedar trees, and great folk music are abundant in Kerr County this time of year, so I'm headed to Kerrville Folk Festival on Monday, May 25 to play songs as part of the Celebration of Life for Segle Fry, Kent Finlay, and Steve Fromholz. 

Songs also to be played by Bill Hearne, Bob Livingston, Craig Hillis, and HalleyAnna Finlay so its bound to be a big time-- 7pm in the Threadgill Theater


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Backyard Biergarten - Episode 17 - Here Tonight

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In the backyard- dogs are barking, neighbor is running the chainsaw, and I'm playing a song and drinking a beer.

My friend Jamie Lin Wilson just released a great new album, and it's called Holidays and Wedding Rings. It's a beautiful and interesting collection of songs - full of heart and wisdom.

Holidays & Wedding Rings has: moving and intimate portraits of family life, characters looking for love or something like it, good old fashioned crime stories, and songs of endurance in the face of adversity. Yep, it's got lo-fi love, AND hi-fi love.

A few months ago, Jamie told me the story of one of her family members who got to look back on several decades of life in a conversation with a younger family member, all with full knowledge and lucidity that the end was in sight.

We wrote a song about the situation, so, here today, from the backyard, is "Here Tonight."  

More on Jamie Wilson at her website: and the iTunes link to the album is

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